Why You Should Bullet Journal - Tips and Tricks

If like me you need to write every appointment, task, or shopping list down. Until you find yourself with 5 different lists on 5 different pieces of paper. Then you need to have a bullet journal.

Basically, a bullet journal is a Coded system to organize your thoughts, tasks, lists. It’s your one-stop-shop for all things organisation. Broken down into yearly, monthly and daily spreads so you can have an overview of your year in one place. A bullet journal is also a great place to track your habits, record your reads of the year and plan your holidays. Everything you need to be organised in life.

The system is designed by Web Developer Ryder Carroll after living with ADD for years wanted a way to organize his mind while making him less overwhelmed and productive. The System he created is a combination of the notebook, todo list, sketchbook, and diary. His friend then encouraged him to share this system with the world, developing it into websites, blogs, and finally The Bullet Journal Method.

Before I start if you’re new to bullet journaling I recommend you check out this website. Designed by Ryder Carroll he has a tone of videos and blog posts on how to use bullet journals.

In short Bullet Journaling is a customizable organisation system that fits your everyday life. Whether you want a laid-out plan for your whole month or a place to store your daily to-do lists you can customise the bullet journal to fit your needs. Plus there are so many options and layouts you can choose from, Our Katie Leamon and Design Palette notebooks are the perfect dotted notebooks for creating your very own Bullet Journal.

If you head to Pinterest and type in Bullet Journal into the search bar you will be inundated with Bullet Journal ideas. Everything from artistic drawings to minimalistic designs that will fit every need. You can be as creative as you want to be. You can fill it with fancy layouts and designs, or you can keep it simple and just stick to the lists and monthly layouts.

A lot of people get artsy with their bullet journal. I tried this in the beginning but let’s face it I’m not that artistic and too much of a perfectionist. So in the end I kept it simple using a different colour for each month. Keeping it simple but still changing up the look of the bullet journal.

So Why You should start a Bullet Journal

If you’re one for writing everything down and constantly find your desk littered in post-its or lists upon lists have a bullet journal will make you so much more organised. Having everything in one place is ideal you can go from updating your shopping list to writing down your next meeting or appointment that’s just came through.

Also having the coded system and ticking off or moving a task to the next day is oddly satisfying and makes you feel 10x more productive. Plus with the start of the new year, it’s the perfect time to start one!

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