The Story Behind The Realistic Lifestyle

This post has been in the making for a while, I really wanted to take time to think about the brand and get it all down on the page, so I could tell you the story behind the brand.

The Realistic Lifestyle was created back in 2019 as a blog. Having been blogging on and off for 6 years I decided to relaunch my previous blog “Cappuccino in the Clouds” into something bigger and better. I wanted a space where I could write whatever I wanted and have a clear focus on my target audience.

So I created The Realistic Lifestyle, to be a space for 20 something women making their way in the world. I’d share dating & relationship stories, tv and book recommendations, everything from travel to fashion & beauty. All in once space, I didn’t want to specify to just one niche topic and the new blog felt so much more me. It was a little more grown-up and a lot sleeker than my previous blogs.

I loved blogging on The Realistic Lifestyle and it reaffirmed how much I love writing. But.. there's always a but isn't there.

I blogged for about a year under The Realistic Lifestyle then the pandemic hit. For a while, it was the perfect hobby to have during lockdown but I slowly my love for blogging started to waver. I started running out of topics to write about - I couldn’t very well talk about travelling for summer when everyone was stuck at home. So stopped blogging. I then found myself with hours of time to fill and not much of an idea of how to fill it.

One thing I knew was that I wanted to be my own boss, build my own business and do something for myself. So after a lot of brainstorming and planning, I decided to open The Realistic Lifestyle Shop.

Having a shop was always at the back of my mind when I launched the blog, I always thought of it being another branch of the business which I could build up to overtime. Thinking it would be an extension of The Realistic Lifestyle brand maybe selling merch from the blog or different products entirely. I knew one thing that it would include stationery, candles and be lifestyle-oriented.

So I decided to start with the Stationery and candles!

Once I decided what products I wanted to sell and which brands I wanted to stock things started happing very quickly. The website was built, the stock started arriving and all that was needed to was to launch the shop.

Which brings us here today. 2 months in and I still need to take a minute to remind myself I have a shop I still can’t believe it sometimes. Going through and seeing all the stock on the shelves is one of my favourite sights. It just reminds me that the business is actually real which I probably need reminding a lot more than you’d think. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever done and I can’t wait to see where this brand goes next…

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