Practising Mindfulness and Wellness this Lockdown

Throughout lockdown, I’ve begun to find new ways to relax and let go of stress. Since I can’t go to the gym regularly I needed to find ways to relax.

Bring in practising mindfulness and wellness. Now not to sound like a Goop lover but I’m seriously converted to this level of self-care and there are a few mindfulness practices I have enjoyed.

Let’s start with yoga. After a month or so with no workouts, I knew I needed to get back into a solid workout routine. Not having any equipment and still a little anxious over the idea of going back to gyms, I needed something that was low impact but where I could still get a sweat on.

So I’ve been doing yoga since about August and I love it. I’d never thought I’d say that but I really like the calming elements of yoga. I’ve really been struggling with stress and anxiety over this period, so taking half an hour to an hour to practice some yoga has been really helpful.

Another thing I’ve been doing is journaling which for me is a big thing. I’ve never been big on keeping a diary and writing down my thoughts. But journaling is really helpful for getting your thoughts down on paper. Sometimes I will go off prompts and sometimes I will just write to get everything down on paper. Journaling has really helped refocus my mind on certain tasks. Psst, check out our Journaling Prompts post and our Notebooks are perfect for journaling.

Recently I’ve finally started taking CBD supplements. I have been wanting to try CBD oil for so long, this year I have been trying to introduce supplements and vitamins into my routine and CBD is just the next step. So far I’ve just tried the CBD Muscle Balm from Be You particularly for my back issues and any tension knots I have at the end of the day. I will do a full review soon and I plan on trying the drops too.

Another thing I have found super helpful is turning off my phone. We are surrounded by distractions, constantly picking up our phones or bingeing the latest tv series. With Instagram, Twitter & even Tik Tok, we are filled with endless distractions. So lately I’ve been taking an hour or two each day to put my phone on aeroplane mode and using that time to get things done distraction-free. I’ve even got my phone set to sleep mode so it automatically turns itself to do not disturb half an hour before bed so there are no distractions when I’m trying to fall asleep.

Lastly, I’ve been using the Calm app to meditate and I’m finding it a great transition between work and relaxation. Because we’re still working from home switching off after work can be a struggle so using the Calm App to unwind after sitting at my desk all day is the best way to switch my mindset from work mode to relaxation mode.

These are just a few ways that I have been practising mindfulness and wellness lately.

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