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When launching The Realistic Lifestyle I wanted to find products that not only I loved but that I knew my customers would love too. I shopped around a lot, I knew in my head what style of products I wanted and I knew I'd know it was right when I saw it. Trust me there was plenty of "cute stationery" or "minimalistic stationery" google searches going on.

Through countless hours scrolling through google and Instagram I finally stumbled onto the three brands that you see on the shop today.

The Design Palette

When I picked The Design Palette I had actually come across the brand months before I decided to open a shop. So when I was on the search for stationery brands I knew I wanted to stock The Design Palette. Komal's designs are stunning and I love her use of colour in her designs which brightens up any workspace.

Katie Leamon

After finding The Design Palette I wanted to find a brand that had a more minimal feel to it. I did this because I wanted to have products for everyone's taste. Katie Leamon products did just that. I love how sleek the products look and the minimal colours and prints are a great addition to our stationery collection.

WoodSpring Co

When it came to picking a candle brand I had to refrain from ordering all the scents I would love and find a brand that creates scents that suits everyone's taste. This is why Woodspring Co ended up being the best choice. Not only do they have the perfect selection of scents they have a variety of different scents that fits in everyone's homes. My plan didn't entirely work because I've ended up loving every candle scent and I'd keep them all to myself if I could. One thing that appealed to me about Woodspring Co was their packaging and branding which fitted with my brand idea too.

4 months in I couldn't be happier with the brands I have chosen and I know my customers love these brands too. This means I get to restock more of these great brands in the future, while maybe adding more brands to our collection as well.

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