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Being that it’s coming into Spring and Spring cleaning is in full swing I couldn’t think of a better time to reorganise your wardrobe and have a huge clearout. With the start of a new fashion season to it is the perfect time to put away your winter essentials and pull out all your spring pieces.

I like to let our full Monica side shine when it comes to Spring cleaning and we take pride in my finished results. This is why I also turned to the Marie Kondo Method too especially when it comes to reorganising my wardrobe. After watching her Netflix show a year ago my wardrobe has never been the same. Now I don’t usually go too hard, on the whole, does this item bring me joy but I do review whether or not an item is worth keeping. Depending on how much I wear it and if I will get enough wear out of the item come the new season.

Having put into practice some of Marie Kondo’s ideas I thought I would share which ones worked for me and the ones I recommend for keeping your wardrobe organised all year round!


The way Marie Kondo teaches you to fold your clothing by folding them into smaller squares so they will stand in your drawers is game-changing. This way you can see all your clothing in your drawers easily so you’re not sifting through piles of clothing making a mess every time. It also makes it easier to pick out clothes in the morning because you can see everything. I do this with all my jumpers, pyjamas, jeans and my underwear - yes seriously. So I can easily access everything and it's also just aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Sparking Joy

While this method isn’t high on my list when it comes to tidying I do see how when put into practice it works. Marie Kondo recommends determining whether or not something Sparks Joy. This way you’re only inviting happiness into your life. If the item doesn’t spark joy then put the item aside.

Tidy all at Once

This is one method I can get on board with. Instead of setting aside time to do one room at a time. Set aside one day to just blitz every room. This way as Marie Kondo recommends you’re not letting the rooms you’ve already tidied get messy again. You’re covering everything in one day then you can set aside time every other month to give the top priority rooms a once over if they get to messy again.

My tips for Wardrobe Clearout

After putting Marie Kondo’s methods into practice you can tackle your wardrobe clearout and here are some of my own tips on how to do this effectively and efficiently. When it comes to a wardrobe clearout be ruthless. While some styles have come back around do you really need to keep that one top you haven’t worn in years? The top you probably don’t even really like but keep it just in case the style comes back around... No! Throw it out! Or alternatively, donate it if it’s still in good condition.

Firstly go through your wardrobe, try everything on and start creating piles. Set aside one pile of items you’re keeping that can go straight back in the wardrobe. One pile of things to either donate or sell and one pile of things to throw out.

This way the clearouts become more manageable and you don’t end up throwing away your favourite items.

Do you have any organisations tricks that work?

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