How to Practice Self Care When You're Busy.

After the way 2020 treated us there is nothing more important than practising some much-needed Self-care. While 2020 taught us to slow down a bit more we all still have busy lives and trying to fit in a little self-care falls off most peoples priority list.

We all have busy lives when you’re already trying to fit in a daily workout on top of your 9-5, socializing with friends over zoom and cooking for yourself on top of all that. Who really has the time for self-care?

While we may think its an added goal we must have to practise self-care every week in order to live up to these ‘having it all’ standards. We don’t and if you’re too busy you don’t have to spend an evening pampering or take an hour-long bath if you really don’t want to. There are plenty of other ways you can practice self-care that will fit into your busy lives.

Make Weekly Chores Enjoyable.

While you may have a few hours at the weekend scheduled for a weekly house clean, make it less of a chore and turn it into a self-care treat for yourself. If like me you find cleaning oddly calming turn the weekly clean into something beneficial for you. Don’t think of it as something you have to do, instead, think of it as you’re cleaning your space around you so you can relax. So you have a fresh clean home to enjoy the weekend. Wash your sheets and look forward to crawling into fresh sheets that night. Pop on some Candles once you’re done so you can fully relax in your own space, our Black Pomegranate Candles have the most luxurious relaxing scents.

The same when it comes to the weekly food shop, allow yourself that one treat that you always walk passed with your eyes straight ahead as to not be tempted. Buy that bottle of wine or bar of chocolate so you have a small treat to look forward too.

Book Appointments ahead of time.

This one is more for when places open up again but once a month schedule all your appointments on the same day. This way you can have a full day of pampering to look forward to. Book well in advance so you’re not scrambling to get last-minute appointments. Have your nails, beautician and hair appointments all on the same day so you leave the salon feeling your best.

Or even book a quick nail appointment for during your lunch hour so you’re taking some of that lunch hour to do something for yourself.

Meal Prep

If cooking is one of the things you find most relaxing schedule out a few hours at the weekend to batch cook a bunch of meals. This way you’ll have plenty of pre-made meals for the week ahead so you don’t have to worry about cooking when you get home. You’re giving yourself some you time in while cooking but also saving yourself for future meals too!

Use our brilliant Katie Leamon notebooks to plan out your meals. These notebooks have a mixture of plain, lined and dotted pages. Making them perfect for all your planning.

Unwind with a Book or Tv Show in bed

If you find yourself too busy to fully immerse yourself in a good book or a new tv series carve out time to watch one episode or read one chapter before bed. Instead of spending the hour before you go to sleep mindlessly scrolling through your phone unwind with a book or tv show in bed.

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