How To Care For A Candle

Since opening the store and since I've begun selling candles I have surprisingly learned a few things about how to properly care for a candle so you can get the most out of your candle.

There are a few different steps to looking after a candle so you will always get that lovely scent.

Step One - Trim The Wick

Whenever you buy a new candle you should always trim the candle wick before you burn the candle. This will allow for an even burn so you can enjoy the candle for longer. Plus you won't get those pesky curly wicks.

Step Two - Allow The Candle To Pool

After lighting the candle for the first time allow the candle to pool all over to the edge of the jar before you blow out the candle. This will prevent the candle from tunnelling and burning unevenly.

Step Three - 4 Hour Burn Rule

When burning a candle follow the 4-hour burn rule. Only burn your candle for up to 4 hours at a time this way you won't burn off the scent of the candle.

Step Four - Leave 10mm at the Bottom

Make sure to stop burning the candle when there is only 10mm of wax left at the bottom. This will prevent the jar from cracking and by this point, the candle will have lost most of its scent.

Step Five - Don't Light Next To A Window

When lighting your candles make sure they're in a spacious and ventilated spot. Lighting them next to the window or beside a draft can make the candle burn unevenly.

These are just a few steps to caring for your candle so you can get the most out of your lovely candle and so the scent will last so much longer.

Another top tip is when the candle is almost down pop the jar into a bowl of boiling water to melt the wax and tip it out into the bin - never pour it down the sink it can clog your drain- this way you can use the jar for anything else. I like to use them for pen holders but you can use the larger ones for makeup brushes, anything really!

Another tip for candles is if your candle has tunnelled or is burning unevenly you can again melt the wax by placing the jar in boiling water. Remove the wick and decant the melted wax into a new jar - another use for your old jars too! - All you need to buy is the new wicks to replace the old ones and you have a brand new candle!

Hopefully, these tips will help with taking care of your candles!

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