Did You Know We Had A Newsletter?

"You've Got Mail, those are very powerful words" - Joe Fox

Don't you just love it when your favourite brands send you a new email? While most of us are probably thinking yes, I know most of us are also thinking seriously another email list I have to subscribe to.

I know its annoying when brands push you to sign up to their newsletters - I hate it too- but please give me 2 minutes to tell you about our email list. I promise I won't be pushy.

Our newsletters only go out to you lovely lot when we have something really important to tell you. I hate pushy sales emails so I won't inflict that on my own customers. But our newsletter will usually be the first place you hear about new products, restocks or exciting deals you won't want to miss.

We will share any new updates and we hope to make it an email you enjoy opening. Not one that you delete before even opening - don't worry we do that too.

So head to the link here and leave your email address to sign up to our newsletter - only if you want to promise no forcing you here!


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