8 Quick Ways to Become a Morning Person!

I’ll admit it I’m a self-proclaimed Morning Person - yes don’t hate me. Truthfully I love nothing more than those quiet moments in the morning when everything is quiet and you get those few moments to yourself before the day starts. Time to enjoy a cup of tea, do your beauty routine, maybe even popping on a podcast and get yourself ready for the day.

While Morning people often get a bad rap, I'm here to share ways you can become a morning person and enjoy it. Now I’m not saying every day I’m happy and smiley some days I wake up and don’t want to look or talk to any for at least a full day but most of the time and because of these routines being a morning person can be so beneficial and turn into something you can enjoy.

Workout in the morning

While getting up and hitting a 6 am gym class seemed like a living nightmare for most people getting up and having a morning workout is a great way to set you up for the day. I usually aim to start my home workouts at 8 am and I always end up feeling 10x better for it. On days I skip a workout I can’t fully feel ready for the day until I’ve done some form of exercise.

Even if it’s just starting with a couple of mornings a week you aim to get a workout in eventually you’ll get into the habit.

Make a new routine ( even if you have to wake up earlier)

If you dread the alarm going off make waking up in the morning a little more exciting. Set yourself a routine that you’ll look forward to getting up for. Give yourself 20 minutes in the morning where you’re doing something for you & not rushing to be ready to start work in your pj’s. It could be sitting and reading with a cup of coffee for 20 minutes. Or 20 minutes of Yoga or Meditation at the start of your day. Even getting up and going for a walk getting some fresh air first thing in the morning.

Something so small that’s just for you with make being a morning person that little more enjoyable.

Go to sleep earlier

You must be thinking ‘how with our busy lives, not enough hours in the day’ can we have time to go to sleep earlier. Well, you can even if it’s just 5 minutes earlier. Start with 5 minutes earlier each night then the next week try adding another 5 minutes.

Get Natural Light when you wake up.

Natural light is the best way to tell our bodies it’s time to wake up. The first thing to do when you get out of bed is to open the curtains or blinds and let the light stream in. While during these winter months this may be harder you can always invest in a Wake-Up Alarm Clock to slowly wake you up with light until the mornings get brighter.

Stay off your phone.

If like me your alarm is on your phone it can be so easy to pick up your mobile-first thing and start scrolling. Bleary eyes and Instagram don’t mix and make waking up harder. Try not to check any messages, social media or emails until at least 30 minutes after you wake up.

Make a habit of it.

If you really want to become a morning person then set yourself a challenge! Make getting up in the morning a habit so have a little fun with it. They say it takes 66 days to form a habit so set yourself the challenge of waking up 30 minutes earlier each day and in 2 months you’ll have formed a new habit!

Start your day Healthy.

Getting a healthy breakfast is one of the best ways to kick start your morning. Take the time to prepare yourself a delicious breakfast in the mornings. Get into making smoothies instead or take the time to try a new recipe. If you’re not a big eater in the morning try out starting the day with a glass of hot water and lemon to rid any toxins from your body. Alternatively, my personal trainer once recommended a glass of ice-cold water and a banana first thing is a great way to boost your metabolism for the day.

What has helped you become a morning person?

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