5 Tips for Keeping Organised

When it comes to being organised I let my full Monica side shine through. I feel a sense of calm when I know things are organised and in order. So today I’m sharing five of my tips on the best ways to stay organised.

Lists, Lists and more Lists

I love a to-do list… Ever since I started bullet journaling everything is now in the form of a list. Every day I write out a to-do list for the day. Our Two-Tone Geometric Dotted Notebook is perfect for list-making. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I can score something off my to-do list. Plus I get to say ‘Check’ like Monica does every time too

It, not just to-do lists either.. I’m talking about lists for any trips I’ll be taking, I make a packing list, a list of places I want to visit. Books I want to read. You get the idea, I love a list!

Bullet Journaling

The way a bullet journal works is you have a yearly spread, then a monthly spread and a weekly spread. Each having more room for events, appointments, important dates. Again with a bullet journal you set it up, however is useful to you, which makes it the best way to stay organised and tailored to yourself. The perfect notebooks for bullet journaling are our dotted 48-page notebook collection.

Write it Down

This one can fall under the List category too but writing down any appointments, important tasks will keep you organised. Whether you use a bullet journal or a regular diary or online diary writing it down. Or a random scrap of paper. As soon as you set an appointment or an important meeting. Write it down! Any deadlines you have or important tasks. You know what I’m going to say write it down. That way you’re not going to forget it and you’ll be all prepared on the day of.


Have a rough plan for your week. If you have a busy week ahead plan it out so you’re doing things in a more orderly way. If you have a lot of admin to do that week plan to do it early in the week otherwise you’ll keep putting it off and it won’t get done. That way you can leave all the fun jobs for later in the week where you can enjoy them more now you have all the rubbish tasks out the way.

Do it Now

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard is if you think of a small task that needs to be done, do it right away. Small tasks are usually the ones we’ll let slip and forget about or keep putting off. So it’s best to get it done out of the way as soon as you think about it then it won’t be left hanging over your head.

These are small things you can do to keep organised! Do you have any organisation tips?

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